How to Get a Stronger Internet Wireless Signal

By Stephen Lilley

Just because you have a wireless network setup in your home does not mean that network will operate at peak efficiency under all circumstances. Several factors can degrade the signal being from a wireless router. In turn, the weaker signal will slow your Internet connection speed. You can prevent this by just keeping a few things in mind when you access the Internet from your wireless network.

Step 1

Buy a wireless router with greater range. If you purchased your current wireless router even as recent as a year ago, new routers are able to broadcast a stronger signal over a greater distance than older units. It may be a $40-$50 investment to purchase new equipment, but if a stronger Internet wireless signal is important to you, it will pay for itself in convenience.

Step 2

Put your computer as close to your wireless router as you can comfortably get it. Wireless networking technology works in a very specific way. The farther away you get from the signal from the router, the weaker a signal will be. To instantly improve the strength of your wireless Internet signal you can simply pick up your laptop computer or move your desktop computer closer to your wireless router.

Step 3

Put your wireless Internet router in the center of your home. A wireless Internet router does not broadcast a signal in a straight line - the signal is broadcast in a complete circle around the device. Therefore, if you put your router in the center of your home you will be able to make sure that you have a strong wireless Internet signal that is covering your entire house as opposed to just a portion, which would happen if the router were in the extreme left or extreme right of your house.

Step 4

Don't put your wireless router in a room with a lot of thick walls or metal structures. Though a wireless signal can broadcast through something like a wall, doing so will severely degrade the quality of the signal. If you want to make sure you're getting the strongest wireless signal that you can, make sure there is nothing in the room where the router is located that will reduce signal strength.