How to Get a Suspended Account Back From Twitter

By Marina Martin

Behavior leading to Twitter account suspension can include following and unfollowing an unusual number of users in a short period of time; spamming other users; frequently including unrelated hashtags in promotional tweets; or sharing virus links. Twitter may also suspend your account if it has reason to believe your account has been hacked or compromised. If your account is suspended, take a calming breath and submit a restoration request to Twitter. If you can show that you remedied the issue leading to your account suspension, Twitter may release the account back to you.

Step 1

Check the email account associated with your Twitter account. Twitter sends an email to suspended accounts explaining what behavior led to suspension.

Step 2

Fix the problem that led to your suspension. For example, if you are using an auto-follow service to increase your follower account, cancel or turn off this service. If you believe someone hacked your Twitter account, take steps to change your passwords on other online accounts.

Step 3

Visit the Twitter Help Center request form site ( Click on "Everything Else" as your category. Select "My Account Is Suspended" from the "Regarding" drop-down. Type a describe subject in the "Subject" line. Type as much information regarding your suspension in the box, including all the steps you have taken to remedy the problem that led to your suspension. Enter your full name, Twitter username, email address and phone number in the appropriate boxes. Click "Submit" to send your support request. Twitter does not guarantee that it will release your username back to you; if you do not receive a response, or you receive a response that your account remains suspended, you can create a new Twitter account. Make sure not to recreate the issues leading to your original suspension with your new account.

Tips & Warnings

  • Twitter suggests emphasizing that your account is currently suspended when you submit your support request, in order for the company to expedite a response.