How to Get a URL From the Address Bar

By Eric Moll

The address bar at the top of your Web browser displays the URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator, of the Web page you're currently on. You can also input a new URL into the address bar and hit enter to navigate to a new web page. Getting the URL from the address bar is as simple as copying the text of the URL and pasting it elsewhere, such as into an email, a word or text document, or another browser window's address bar.

Copying a URL from the Address Bar

Step 1

Highlight the text of the URL. There are several ways to do this. You can click once on the small icon on the far left of the address bar, just to the left of the "h" in "http." You can click one end of the URL and without releasing the mouse, drag the cursor to the other end to highlight the whole URL. You can also double-click anywhere inside the address bar to highlight the whole line. Last, you can click anywhere in the address bar so that the cursor appears as a flashing vertical line. Then press CTRL-A on a PC or Command-A on a Mac to select all.

Step 2

Copy the URL. On a PC, you can do this by hitting CTRL-C, which saves the text of whatever is highlighted into your "clipboard." You can also use CTRL-X - the only difference is that CTRL-X erases the highlighted text while CTRL-C leaves it where it is. On a Mac, use Command-C and Command-X, respectively.

Step 3

Click on whatever window or text box into which you wish to transfer the URL. This may mean opening another program, such as a word processing program. You should see a vertical line cursor where you've clicked - this is where the URL will be transferred.

Step 4

Paste the URL. If you are using a PC, press CTRL-V. If you are using a Mac, press Command-V.