How to Get a Vizio Sound Bar to Work With an LG

By Peter Grant

If you've been looking for a compact sound system to pair with your LG television, you may want to consider Vizio's sound bar. The system includes a horizontally oriented speaker case that houses several tweeters and midrange speakers. The case is coupled with a wireless subwoofer to generate bass and minimize wiring that you'd normally have to tuck away.

Step 1

Examine the rear of your LG television to determine if you will connect the sound bar using an optical audio input that uses a single cable or an analog input that uses one red and one white plug.

Step 2

Power off the sound-bar device and connect one end of the audio cable that you need to use into the rear of the device. Connect the other end to the appropriate inputs in the rear of your LG television.

Step 3

Turn on your LG television and the sound-bar device.

Step 4

Press the "Input" button on top of the sound bar's speaker case or its remote control to select the appropriate input that you are using.