How to Get a Weather Forecast

By Techwalla Internet Editor

With threats of severe weather, it;s even more important to keep up with weather alerts. You can access weather forecasts in a variety of ways from TV to your cell phone.

Step 1

Watch your TV. Your local channels show the weather on the news. Also, there are cable channels, such as the Weather Channel, that constantly air weather reports for all areas.

Step 2

Listen to the radio. Weather forecasts and updates are given throughout the day on most main radio stations. Most give reports at the top of the hour during station breaks.

Step 3

Go to to get the weather forecast for any location you want.

Step 4

Check your email. Several local news stations have the ability for people to sign up online for weather and news reports to be sent directly to their inbox. With weather alerts as important as they are, set it up so they send you a text message on your phone so you'll know when dangerous weather may hit no matter where you are.

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