How to Get a Wireless Internet Signal to a Garage From a House 500 Feet Away

By Lidia Tomulet

As technology advances, so do computer networks. Although corporate computer networks maintain the wired technology, mostly for security reasons, the private or home networks have been almost completely replaced by wireless technology. Wi-Fi has become a perk for some restaurants and coffee shops to attract customers. But wireless technology is limited when it comes to distances and signal strength. A good stable connection depends entirely on the signal. If you wish to extent your network for whatever reason, there are multiple options.

Things You'll Need

  • Two wireless routers

Step 1

Using your web browser, log into your first router and access the Basic Settings section. Write down the MAC Address of the router. Next, access the Wireless Settings and write down the SSID or network name.

Step 2

Install and set up the second router using the instruction packaged in the router's box, then place it halfway between the original router and the computer that needs access to the network. Power up this second router.

Step 3

Using your web browser, log into the new router and access the Repeater Settings section. Change the information in the MAC Address field and the SSID field to match the information in the first router. Other fields may be present, but the only ones to be changed are the two mentioned above.

Step 4

Save the settings and reboot the routers for the new settings to take effect and the routers to connect to each other.

Tips & Warnings

  • Not all wireless routers support the Repeater service.