How to Get a YouTube URL

By Chad Buleen

In order to share a YouTube video with another by email or in order to link to a YouTube video, you must first obtain the YouTube video's URL. The URL is the Web address that is located in your Web browser's address bar when you watch a video. Getting the URL takes only a moment and requires only a little bit of work that involves selecting and copying text.

Step 1

Type "" into your Web browser. Press "ENTER."

Step 2

Use the "Search" box to locate the YouTube video for which you want to obtain the URL.

Step 3

Click the icon associated with the video you want to view.

Step 4

Click your cursor in the address bar when the YouTube video page opens.

Step 5

Select "Ctrl" and "A" to select the full URL.

Step 6

Select "Ctrl" and "C" to copy the URL. You now have a YouTube URL.

Tips & Warnings

  • Select "Ctrl" and "V" to paste the URL.