How to Get an HP 1410 All-in-One Printer From Offline to Online

By Greyson Ferguson

The HP 1410 all-in-one printer comes with built-in scanner and copier features, allowing a user to perform just about any desired home-business task. However, if the computer is reading the printer as "Offline," meaning you are unable to print content from the hooked-up device, you need to adjust some of the settings until the all-in-one printer is listed as "Online."

Step 1

Power on the HP 1410 printer. The printer is listed as "Offline" until the printer is powered on.

Step 2

Check the USB data cable connection. If the cable connection is loose or not inserted properly, the computer is unable to read the HP printer. If the computer continues to not read and detect the printer, change out the USB connection to a different USB port on the computer.

Step 3

Click "Start > Control Panel." Once the Control Panel window loads, select the "Printer" option. When the new printer window loads, all of the printers installed on the computer are displayed. Right-click the HP 1410 and select "Properties," then choose to make the printer the "Default" printer. This makes all programs on the system automatically run through this printer, instead of any other printers with drivers installed on the system.

Step 4

Install any updated drivers for the HP 1410 printer. If the drivers are not up-to-date on the computer, the system may be unable to detect the printer and lists it as "Offline." Navigate to on your Internet browser, choose "Support > Drivers and Downloads," then type in "HP 1410" as the device you need drivers for. Select the operating system running on the computer and click the driver download link. Once the driver has finished downloading, double-click the file and follow the prompts to install the up-to-date driver.