How to Get an Old Toolbar Back

By Stephen Lilley

Toolbars are horizontal bars that run across the top and bottom of certain programs like Web browsers. For example, the "Navigation" toolbar in a Web browser will have the address bar as well as buttons like "Home" and "Refresh." If a particular toolbar has disappeared from view in a program you're using, there are a few things you can try to get it back where it belongs.

Step 1

Right-click inside the program window at the location where the bar used to be. In a program like a Web browser, this will bring up a menu containing a list of installed toolbars. Clicking on the name of a toolbar will enable it, placing your old toolbar back in the location where it used to reside.

Step 2

Click the "View" menu in the program you're using. In program's like Mozilla Firefox, a "Toolbars" menu is visible in the "View" menu at the top of the program. By selecting the name of the toolbar from this menu, this will place the toolbar back where it was originally positioned prior to it being disabled.

Step 3

Right-click on your taskbar and select "Toolbars." This option manages the toolbars that are installed inside the Windows operating system. Similar to the "View" menu in a regular program, this menu will allow you to enable and disable toolbars like the "Quick Launch" bar in Windows. Click on the name of an old toolbar one time to get it back to where it belongs.