How to Get Another Phone With MetroPCS

By Robert Ceville

If your MetroPCS phones breaks while still under warranty, you have several options for replacing it. Bring the broken phone in within 30 days for an in-store replacement, or contact the manufacturer directly. Alternatively, perform an exchange by mail for $10, or an "Over-The-Counter Replacement" for $30 at a Repair and Exchange Center in your area.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone
  • Postage

Step 1

Visit a MetroPCS location in your area within 30 days of purchasing the broken phone, then request an instant replacement from one of its customer service agents. Bring all of the materials and packaging that came with the phone, along with the receipt, or MetroPCS may not allow you to make an exchange.

Step 2

Visit the manufacturer contact list site to find each manufacturer's customer service telephone number. Call the appropriate support number for your phone and request a replacement by mail. Each manufacturer may have different rules concerning warranties; speak with a representative to see if your phone is covered.

Step 3

Visit your local MetroPCS store and pay for a "$10 Exchange by Mail." The sales associate will complete the order for you and your phone will arrive at your mailing address within three business days.

Step 4

Visit your local MetroPCS store and pay for a "$30 Over-The-Counter Replacement." This service allows you to leave with the replacement phone in hand. If you are unable to wait the three business days for the replacement, this may be your best option.