How to Get Better Cell Phone Service

By Ben David

Using a cell phone that has poor service can be extremely frustrating. There are several reasons why your cell phone service may not be what it should, but there is hope. In many cases, there are very simple ways to fix this problem.

Step 1

Move to a better location. You may be standing or sitting in a location where there are obstructions between you and the nearest cell tower. Try moving to an open area, such as the top of a hill or a city intersection, and away from big buildings.

Step 2

Make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged. A low battery may not be providing enough power to your phone for good signal reception.

Step 3

Move away from other electronics (for example, home appliances, televisions and computers) that may give off signals that interfere with your cell phone. You may even try turning other electronics off completely.

Step 4

Buy a signal booster. There are several types of signal boosters available. Some attach directly to your phone; others have a device that you keep nearby while using the phone. If you live in a remote area that has poor coverage by your cell phone company, consider purchasing a personal cell tower.

Step 5

Call your cell phone service provider. There may be some troubleshooting procedures that could help you receive a better signal. The problem may be a local cell tower issue or you may need a system upgrade uploaded to your phone to help it better communicate with the closest cell tower. Your service provider should be able to help you pinpoint the issue.