How to Get Better Wi-Fi Connection

By Charlie Gaston

A wireless (Wi-Fi) router is only as good as its settings, and can only transmit a signal as wide as its range allows, which can be improved using a few simple tips. Work with your Internet provider to figure out the best setup location and antenna choice for your router. Making a small adjustment like where your router is placed can significantly improve your Wi-Fi connection and minimize interruptions in service. When investigating ways to improve a Wi-Fi connection, a slow-but-steady approach is best.

Things You'll Need

  • Antenna

Step 1

Select an optimum setup location. Select a setup location that is off the floor and in a central spot in your home or office. For optimum performance, your router must be clear of obstructions and away from walls.

Step 2

Contact your Internet provider and ask a technician to test the power settings on your router to increase the level of connectivity. Using your IP address, your Internet provider can test the setting and determine if the router needs to be reset, which you or the technician can do. Proceed to Step 3 to reset your router or skip to Step 4 if the technician will reset your router.

Step 3

Reset your router. Unplug your router for 30 seconds and power down your computer or laptop. If you have a laptop, remove the power cord and battery pack and then press the "On" button to remove internal "static" and improve Wi-Fi performance.

Step 4

Install a USB based Wi-Fi adapter with an external antenna when using a laptop outdoors. The greater you travel away from your router, the weaker your Wi-Fi connection will be. Purchase a long range Wi-Fi adapter from a computer store to increase your Wi-Fi connection.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you live in an especially hilly area, you may experience connection problems with your Wi-Fi.
  • Always speak with a professional before attempting to improve a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Appliances and devices such as microwave ovens, baby monitors, garage door openers and cordless phones can weaken Wi-Fi connections.