How to Get Cheaper Plan Prices at Verizon

By Michelle Barry

Finding a Verizon Wireless plan that meets all of your mobile needs and still is wallet friendly can be a challenge. By researching what deals and discounts are currently being promoted by Verizon and also looking into what special savings programs you are eligible for can help to lessen your bill while still maintaining the service plan that your lifestyle requires. Deciding what elements of the Verizon plan that are essential to you and what can be sacrificed is key at determining the lowest cost plan possible.

Step 1

Inquire about plan discounts you qualify for, such as the Nationwide 65 Plus plan for senior citizens or the Lifeline plan designed for those in low income brackets.

Step 2

Coordinate a family plan with other family members that use Verizon. This can help bring all of your plan costs down if divided among you.

Step 3

Opt out of any unnecessary features of the plan. For example, if you do not text or send picture messages, do not add on any messaging to your plan. Likewise, refrain from adding a data plan if you do not absolutely need it.

Step 4

Enter your work email address on Verizon's employee discount page to verify if you qualify for an employee discount. If your employer is eligible for the Verizon discount, you can receive an email from Verizon detailing how to access the savings.

Step 5

Sign a two-year contract with Verizon to get the most savings on your plan.