How to Get Followers On Twitter Fast

By Techwalla Contributor

Are you jealous of everyone who has 10,000 followers on twitter? Here is a helpful guide that will teach you how to get followers in a matter of minutes!

Things You'll Need

  • A twitter account

Step 1

First, sign into Twitter like you would any other day. Click on "Find People" at the top right. Type in someone famous or someone who has tons of followers. Then, once you are on their twitter page click on their followers.

Step 2

When you get to their followers list just start clicking on them and following them one after another. Chances are, they will follow you back in a matter of seconds because to some people, it's all about the amount of followers you have.

Step 3

Lastly, after you have several people following you, you can then go back and delete everyone who don't want to follow anymore and you're set! You've got a couple hundred followers and you're only following people that you want to.

Tips & Warnings

  • Set aside an hour to follow and unfollow people.

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