How to Get Free Bonus Minutes on Virgin Mobile Prepay Cell Phones

By Telika

If you have a Virgin mobile prepay cell phone you can get free bonus minutes in addition to whatever plan that you have. Here's how.

Things You'll Need

  • Virgin mobile prepay phone
  • Computer with speaker and video capabilities
  • Internet

Step 1

Go to the Virgin Mobile USA sign in with your cell phone number and your v-key (pin).

Step 2

Sign up to watch videos and receive free text messages that asks you for feedback to products or view commercials for products.

Step 3

Know that every minute you watch a video and give feedback you receive a free minute of airtime. Every two text messages you respond to, you receive a free minute of airtime. It doesn't matter what plan you have you will get up to five free bonus minutes a day.

Tips & Warnings

  • This is great to use when you don't have money to put minutes on your phone.
  • Survey videos aren't always guaranteed, sometimes you'll go to the website and there will be nothing for you to view for that day.