How to Get Free Cable Service

By Alizarin Black

Cable television prices are on the rise. Cable companies offer a monthly subscription for the regular service or as a bundle package that includes telephone, Internet and cable. Both methods can be costly for the consumer. You can eliminate your cable service costs by getting free cable service. TVU Networks is a software program that enables you to watch cable television via the Internet. Users download the TVUPlayer, a freeware for both Windows and Mac operating systems and they can choose from numerous channels within the player.

Step 1

Visit the TVU Networks website. TVU Networks offers free cable service that you can watch directly from your computer. TVU Networks is the only service that offers free cable via live stream. With sites like YouTube and Hulu, you have to wait a day or two to watch your favorite cable programs. TVU Networks shows the programs on your computer as if you were watching directly from your television set.

Step 2

Download and install TVUPlayer.

Step 3

Launch the TVUPlayer software by accessing it from the "Start" menu.

Step 4

Click "All Programs" then click "TVU Networks" to run the software.

Step 5

Click a television channel you would like to watch from the list of available channels on the left side.

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