How to Get Free Digital Channels

By Stephen Lilley

Since 2009, the vast majority of over-the-air television channels in the United States have been broadcast digitally. This provides for a stronger signal, which ultimately results in a better quality image onscreen. You don't need an expensive satellite or cable television account in order to receive digital channels -- you just need an over-the-air digital antenna that you can connect to your TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital Antenna

Step 1

Connect your digital antenna's attached coaxial cable onto the coaxial input on the back of your television. This coaxial input connects the antenna directly to your TV's tuner, which is the device used to receive television programming.

Step 2

Plug your digital antenna's power cable into a wall outlet (if applicable).

Step 3

Turn on your TV and press "Menu" on its remote.

Step 4

Select the "Scan" option. This may be on the first page of the menu or it may be in a "Channels" or "Picture" sub-menu. This will depend entirely on the specifics of your television. Once activated, this will use your antenna to scan for available digital channels. Any digital channels that are found will be immediately available for viewing.

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