How to Get Free International Calling

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

There is a way to make international calls to family and friends worldwide without blowing the budget. Free international calling can be a reality with just a little preparation. If call participants have internet access, they can make calls to landline, mobile or PC phones by using a web browser. PhoneGnome Web Telephony allows two parties to talk to each other by activating free user accounts and using a web browser to initiate calls. Free PC to phone calls are available in the United States, Canada and many international destinations.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet Access
  • Landline, mobile or PC Telephone
  • Valid Email Address
  • Valid Telephone Number
  • Free PhoneGnome Users Account

Step 1

Sign up for a free PhoneGnome users account. Submit a valid email address and telephone number.

Step 2

Complete account setup upon receipt of a confirmation email, including an issued PIN code. PhoneGnome calls the registered telephone number to verify that it is a valid phone number.

Step 3

Invite the people you would like to call internationally for free to sign up for a free PhoneGnome user account. This will allow them to participate in free international calls using PC to phone calling.

Step 4

Sign into your new PhoneGnome users account to begin making phone free international calls.

Step 5

Initiate a phone call by displaying the PhoneGnome web page in a web browser. Enter the phone number to be called. Click the "Call" button. The caller's telephone rings to start the call.

Step 6

Pick up the telephone when it rings; the other party is called and connected. The person receiving the call does not have to be online to take the call.

Step 7

Talk on an international phone call for free.

Tips & Warnings

  • PhoneGnome does allow free domestic long distance calling. Check their website for details.
  • Beware that some selected areas may not be available, however most popular international destinations have free calling. Check the PhoneGnome website to verify whether or not free international calling is available in the chosen area.