How to Get Free iTunes

By Techwalla Contributor

There are several ways to get free iTunes for your iPod or personal media player. These include iTunes codes, gift cards or basic free downloads. Here are some ways to find these offers and enjoy free music.

Step 1

Take advantage of the free iTunes downloads offered directly from the source - the Apple iTunes store. There is a free music single of the week and sometimes free video selections found on the iTunes website. These are usually available for a week but some are offered for longer periods of time. You will need to have an account and install the iTunes player on your computer, which is free and easy to do.Consider using web sites which compile the free selections offered through the iTunes store and other free MP3 sources. Web sites such as this make it easier to find the free selections. You can search online for these types of web sites by using search terms such as "free iTunes list", "free mp3 sources" etc.

Step 2

Be on the lookout for promotions offering free iTunes. Several companies give away iTunes as a bonus for purchasing their products, using their services or completing offers.

Step 3

Check with popular places that offer music. For example many Starbucks stores offer a free iTunes Pick of the Week. Each week participating stores offer a free song or music video. Usually you need to go into the store and get a Pick of the Week card which has the free promo code printed on it.

Step 4

Get free iTunes gift cards and codes through "paid to search" type web sites. These are sites where you sign up for free and use their search engine feature to perform your online searches. In return, you can get points or prizes. Many times the prizes include iTunes gift cards or the points can be redeemed for merchandise including iTunes.

Step 5

Look for sites that offer rewards for participation in their programs. For example, there are programs where you earn points for reading emails, taking surveys, printing coupons etc. Points can be redeemed for rewards such as iTunes and other gift cards.

Step 6

Ask around to friends, family and co workers to see if they know of any sources. Decide what programs work for you and how much time you are willing to devote in order to get free iTunes. Links to examples of sources that offer free iTunes can be found in the resources section below.