How to Get Free Minutes

By Jennifer Hudock

As a cell phone user, you want to maximize your minutes to the best of your ability to get the most talk time for the least amount of money. Taking advantage of special promotions to earn free minutes and bonus talk time is easy.

Step 1

Check out your phone service provider's kickback program. Many cell phone service providers have programs that offer their customers free phone credit for referring and signing friends up to their service.

Step 2

Look on the website for your service provider for special promotions and codes. Many pre-paid cell phone services like Virgin Mobile and TracFone offer bonus minutes with certain packages, and the occasional reward code you can enter in when buying minutes to get some extra phone time.

Step 3

Sign up for survey sites that offer you free, prepaid cell phone cards as a reward for completing their surveys. You will need to register with the site and meet all of the requirements in order to earn free minutes.

Step 4

Check your service plan's free call-time hours and put them to use. Many cell phone providers offer free nights and weekends. This keeps you from using your allotted, monthly minutes unless absolutely necessary.

Step 5

Keep your eyes open for offers from sponsors offering free minutes for purchasing their products. Soft drink companies, for example, may team up with cell phone companies and run promotions that could earn you free talk time.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may also want to download Skype and have calls forwarded through the Internet to your phone. You can also call out from your phone using your Skype number and credits. While Skype credits aren't exactly free, ten minutes of Skype call time go a long way.

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