How to Get Free Minutes Sent to My Virgin Mobile Phone

By Jessica Best

Virgin Mobile offers various prepaid cellular phones and plans. Subscribers can pay monthly or per minute and text. Now, when a users friend decides to subscribe to Virgin Mobile, if they activate services online and enter a kickback code, both friends will receive 60 free minutes sent directly to both phones. The subscriber does have to have an active account, so if the phone is out of minutes, the bonus will not apply.

Step 1

Go to the Virgin Mobile website. (See resources)

Step 2

Scroll down to the menu on the bottom of the page and select "Kickbacks."

Step 3

Click "Register for Kickbacks." If there is already an online account set up, log into the account, if not, register with the Virgin Mobile phone number.

Step 4

Enter the email addresses of as many friends as possible. Virgin Mobile will send these friends an email explaining Virgin Mobile phone plans and the kickback program.

Step 5

Receive a kickback code by text message. This is the code that must be entered when friends sign up online to receive the kickback.

Step 6

Get free minutes sent to the Virgin Mobile phone. For each friend that uses the kickback code, both the subscriber and the friend will receive 60 free minutes sent to the phones.