How to Get Free Phone Service

By Techwalla Contributor

You can get free phone service and save money on your phone bill by linking a free voip (voice over ip) service to a real phone number. Learn how to setup a voice over ip incoming call line to get free phone service.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Service

Step 1

Many voip providers allow free computer to computer calls. We are going to link such a service to a free phone number so that we aren't limited to only pc to pc calls, but have a real phone number to receive calls for free. To do this, we must first sign up with a free basic voip provider. Here are a few: VoxalotGizmoFree World Dialup (no longer free as of 08/08)

Step 2

Next, we must get our free phone number and route it to our voip service. Here are two examples of providers who offer this service, sign up for one of them: ipkall.comfreedigits.comDuring sign up, you will need to provide a sip number and sip proxy. To route the phone number to our voip service, use your member id that you received in step 1, as your sip number. The sip proxy is provided also provided to you during step 1, enter it in the sip proxy field. Here are the sip proxies for some common voip providers: Voxalot - us.voxalot.comFWD - fwd.pulver.comGizmo -

Step 3

Now that we have a free phone number and a free voip service, we have to configure our softphone or analog telephone adapter to register with our voip provider. A softphone is software that allows us to make calls on our pc, X-lite is one example and it is free. An analog telephone adapter is a hardware version of the same thing. Go to the configuration menu of your softphone or ata and enter the same sip proxy you used in step 2, in your softphone sip proxy field. Enter your user name and password. For additional help configuring your sip device, see the resources section below.

Step 4

After step 3 your softphone or ata will be registered with your voip provider, which is in turn registered with your free phone number. When someone calls you it is routed like this: Ipkall -> forwards the call to your free voip provider -> sends the call to the device (softphone or ata) configured to receive it. You can now receive totally free phone calls!