How to Get Free WiFi

By Felix Ofiwe

Owning a laptop computer or Internet-enabled smartphone gives you the freedom to surf the Internet from different locations. You can surf from your kitchen, porch, bedroom or in front of the television. You can take your laptop on the road and surf the Internet free. You may need to use online maps or Yellow Page listing to find directions but you can’t do so unless you are near a Wi-Fi hotspot. Many businesses offer free Wi-Fi and you can locate them in any city easily.

Step 1

Check Wi-Fi FreeSpot. Open Wi-Fi FreeSpot website, select your State and City. Locate the available Wi-Fi hotspots. These include libraries, coffee shops, pizza places, cafes and hotels. This site also lists RV parks and campgrounds that offer free Wi-Fi. See Resources for additional information.

Step 2

Go to WebjunctionWorks. Click libraries with wireless networks. Select United States, your state and city to locate libraries in your city that offer free Wi-Fi access. WebjunctionWorks also offers Public IP, free open-source software that helps create Wi-Fi hotspots if your city does not have one. See Resources for more information.

Step 3

Go to JiWire’s website and download JiWire. Install JiWire and follow onscreen instructions to locate free Wi-Fi in any country in the world. This software will help you locate free Wi-Fi hotspot even when you are offline. See Resources for additional information.

Tips & Warnings

  • Accessing the Internet through Wi-Fi hotspots is fun but dangerous. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are not secure and anyone using the same hotspot can easily access your computer and steal your personal information.
  • Before connecting to a free Wi-Fi network, identify the network you are logging into and verify you are in the right network.
  • Do not use usernames or passwords while in a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Hackers can easily compromise your computer and other personal data if you do.