How to Get Free WiFi Internet

By Techwalla Contributor

How to get free Wi-Fi. If you have a laptop, there are many places you can get online for free if you just know where to look

Step 1

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Step 1If you don't have internet access at home, or maybe you just want to use your laptop when you are out to lunch, there are plenty of places to find internet access. However some you need to pay for although most of the places that used to charge are now offering free Wi-Fi.

Step 2

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Step 2Here are a bunch of places that offer free Wi-Fi across the country, you may live near several of these places!Barnes and Noble Book StoresCaribou CoffeeHootersMega Bus Buses in the mid westOffice DepotPanera BreadPort City JavaSpeedway Gas Stations

Step 3

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Step 3There should be plenty of local locations you can go to in your community no matter how small it is to access free Wi-Fi. Just be on the lookout the next time you are shopping and you will notice signs and placards for free Wi-Fi that you haven't seen before.

Step 4

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Step 4If you are unable to find Free Wi-Fi near you, you can always go to your local library and use their computers if you have to get online for something and can't go home.

Step 5

I hope this article can help you find Free Wi-Fi Access near you. Information is power!