How to Get Free WiFi on a Desktop Computer

By Chris Brake

Getting free wireless Internet on a desktop computer requires an 802.11 WiFi adapter. These adapters are normally included in most laptops but aren't commonly included inside most desktop computers. There are, however, a few different ways to go about affixing a desktop computer with an 802.11 WiFi adapter. But before going to that trouble, make sure you can get your computer into position to receive a free WiFi signal. Maybe you're lucky enough to be in one of the cities that has free communitywide WiFi.

Step 1

Install a wireless adapter in the form of an add-in card. Most desktop computers come with a few empty expansion slots inside, allowing users to upgrade or add new components. Installing a wireless adapter expansion card is a good choice for anyone looking for permanent WiFi connectivity.

Step 2

Install a USB plug-in wireless adapter. This will allow virtually any computer equipped with a USB port to receive WiFi connections, including desktop computers. Because it is removable, a USB adapter is a good choice for people who need to access a WiFi connection from multiple computers.

Step 3

Install a wireless bridge adapter. This connection plugs straight into an existing Ethernet connection and converts it into a new wireless connection. These devices are primarily used by businesses. It is uncommon for a home user to employ a wireless bridge.