How to Get Free Wireless Internet Access (Free WiFi)

By Techwalla Contributor

There are many places like Barnes & Noble, Fed Ex Kinko's, & Starbucks where a person can pay for wireless internet access. But, there are just as many well known places where you can get free wireless Internet access. Whenever you are out and about and you need to access the Internet, but you don't want the hassle of having to pay for it, check out these hot spots where you can get free wireless Internet access.

Step 1

Find Your LocationYou can get free wireless Internet from all Panera Bread locations across the country. Also, you can get free wifi from a many Planet Smoothie locations, McDonalds, Krystal's, Subway, Quiznos, & Crispers locations as well. Many local coffee shops offer a unique environment in which to enjoy a cup of joe as well as a free wireless Internet connection. There are links to some of these restaurants below this article.

Step 2

Choose A Comfortable Spot for hanging outOnce you get to your chosen destination for free wireless Internet, you will want to find a nice and comfortable spot to hang out in and enjoy your free wifi. Make sure that you get a spot close to an electrical outlet, and be sure of where you want to sit before you unpack your laptop, books, etc.

Step 3

Locate the wireless hotspot & get to workAfter you have found your free wifi location, and chosen a comfortable spot to hang out in for a couple of hours, Use your computer's wireless internet finder to find the hotspot.Make sure that you do not forget to make a purchase at the location that you have chosen. It costs them money to offer free wifi, why not help them out a little?