How to Get in a Computer With a Forgotten Password

By TS Jordan

Much like losing the keys to your car, forgetting your computer password can be a traumatic experience. Designed to keep others out, the password is a double-edged sword that can easily backfire against its creator. Although the situation might seem hopeless, there are a number of options you have at your disposal for accessing a computer with a seemingly uncrackable password. Select the method that best fits your budget and degree of desperation.

Step 1

Contact your computer manufacturer if you purchased the computer from a large organization like Dell or Gateway. These manufacturers often program a "backdoor" password into the computer, usable for individuals performing tech support or password retrieval tasks. A customer service representative might be able to provide you with this alternate password, allowing you access to your precious files.

Step 2

Purchase a commercially available password cracking program, one of which is linked below under Resources. These programs can emulate the Windows environment on your computer, tricking the machine into surrendering its password and allowing you the opportunity to change it to something you can remember. Note that these programs often have additional features that make them worth the asking price, such as data backup, restoration of corrupted files, and the ability to find your product keys if you misplace them.

Step 3

Take your computer to a local repair shop. These shops often have similar types of password cracking software, and are often used to dealing with the situation. This can get you back into your machine without the need to shell out as much money as purchasing the password removal software for yourself, making it a viable alternative if time is not of the essence and you have a few days to wait for your computer to be finished.