How to Get Ink Tabs Off

By Greyson Ferguson

Most clothing or other expensive merchandise found at local retail stores uses a magnetic tag, attached to the produce, to keep the object from being stolen. Although these tags originally held ink, the device now just has an electronic sensor inside that activates when it passes through the secure sensors. If, however, you arrive back at your home with an ink tag still clinging to your recent purchase, there are a few methods available to remove the ink tab from your product.

Things You'll Need

  • Magnets
  • Wire cutters
  • Receipt

Step 1

Take the product back to the store with your receipt. Failure to remove an ink tab happens often, so requesting to have the tag removed does happen typically at most stores.

Step 2

Place two strong magnets on each side of the ink tab (kitchen magnets are not going to be strong enough to remove the ink tab). Each side of the tab is held together via magnet, so placing a strong magnet on each side of the tab unlocks the tab, allowing you to pull it off.

Step 3

Slide a pair of needle nose wire cutters in between the two ends of the tab. Once the small metal pin connecting the two sides of the tab is inside the wire cutters, squeeze the cutters down to separate the two pieces of the ink tab.

Step 4

Stop by a different retail store if you received the product by mail and if the actual storeisn't nearby. Make sure again to bring your receipt. You just want to prove you purchased the product (people are not likely going to help you if they believe you stole the merchandise). Most clothing stores have adequate devices available to remove the ink tab.