How to Get Into Windows If You Forgot Your Password

By Alex Lubyansky

Microsoft Windows 7 provides sold functionality as an operating system. The OS has updated security, flashy presentation and an overall high level of performance. Yet, Windows 7 does not work very well if you can't log in in the first place. You can fall prey to this situation if you forget your Windows 7 password. Alternatively, your system may have become corrupt, which no longer allows your correct password to work, or you may have set a new password for an account and forgotten it.

Step 1

Ask for the password hint when prompted once your computer boots up. Sometimes, this will jar your memory and allow you to log in.

Step 2

Click "Next." Click "Repair your computer." Choose "Windows 7" and click "Next." Click "System Restore." Choose a restore point that came before your password problems. Restore your computer to this point and try to log in with the password you remember as working. This should remedy the problem. If not, you may have to reinstall Windows 7.

Step 3

Insert your Windows 7 installation DVD into the optical drive. Reboot your computer and press a key to boot from the DVD.