How to Get Map Directions on the iPhone

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

One of the functions of the iPhone is a mapping tool that gives directions, traffic information and has a virtual phone book. You can access accurate map directions from your iPhone anywhere you receive mobile service.

Step 1

Open the "Maps" tool on your iPhone to receive driving directions. The "Maps" key on the iPhone main page looks like an online map of an intersection with a red bubble highlighting a destination.

Step 2

Use the address entry field in "Maps" to activate the iPhone keyboard. Reposition the text cursor by dragging your finger from one place to another when you begin writing.

Step 3

Enter as much information as possible about your destination to get accurate map directions on the iPhone. You can enter street names, apartment numbers, cities and points of interest to get the right map.

Step 4

Touch the name of the final destination for additional information. You can press the box that pops up above your destination to get the full business name, phone number and other information available in a typical phone book.

Step 5

Find directions to contacts by using your "Contacts" list. In the "Map" menu, press the blue button in the search field to access the addresses of every contact on your list. Press any of these addresses to receive a set of directions.

Step 6

Magnify an intersection, city or state from a larger map. Automatically zoom your iPhone view by double tapping on a target and double tapping again to zoom out. You also can pinch your fingers together to manually zoom a map.

Step 7

Bookmark an address or a set of directions with one quick tap. Touch the destination tag on your map directions and press "Bookmark" in the proceeding screen to save the address in your "Contacts" list.

Tips & Warnings

  • Gain a different perspective on your map directions by using the "Satellite" view on your iPhone. Press "Satellite" on any set of directions you create to get a satellite picture of the area. This tool allows you to find landmarks or judge the terrain you will cover during your travels.