How to Get More Bars on My Verizon Phone

By Morgan Owens

Signal strength on your Verizon phone is represented by bars. These are typically located in the top left or right corner of a cell phone’s display screen. If you have fewer bars while you are inside of a building it is most likely due to interference with cell towers, electronic equipment or the building itself. According to Verizon, a “wireless signal is limited when it tries to pass through brick, steel or other material.” Few bars while outside could be due to bad weather, poor coverage or being too far above or below sea level.

Step 1

Extend the antenna fully, if the phone is equipped with one.

Step 2

Move away from any other electronic devices, especially heavy duty appliances such as metal detectors and washing machines. These may be transmitting interference.

Step 3

Walk outside. The building you are in may be interfering with your phone’s signal.

Step 4

Dial “*228” on your phone. Follow the prompts to update your phone’s roaming capabilities. According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. this can increase the number of bars on your phone by ensuring your phone is communicating with both old and new Verizon towers.

Step 5

Move to more level ground. If you are in a valley or high on a mountain, the signal from the cell tower may not be able to reach your location.

Step 6

Travel to a new location. You may be in an area where there is little or no Verizon wireless network coverage. View the Verizon coverage map to find an area with better coverage. A link to this map is provided in the Resources.

Step 7

Wait for the weather to clear. Bad weather may interfere with your phone’s ability to receive a strong signal.