How to Get More Signal Strength Out of a Linksys Wireless Router

By Jason Taetsch

Linksys wireless routers create a network from the Internet signal from your cable or DSL modem. However, a Linksys router, like any other router, can have its capabilities hindered by obstacles and poor placement in your home or office. Before you spend money on a new router or additional network hardware, consider changing the setup for your Linksys router to improve the signal strength for your wireless network.

Step 1

Move your Linksys router to a higher position so the signal can travel freely over the coverage area. Placing it low to the ground will hinder the signal before it reaches its full capacity.

Step 2

Remove any unnecessary metal obstacles that may be hampering the router's signal. Move any microwaves, large metal cabinets, refrigerators or cordless phones from the immediate vicinity of the router.

Step 3

Position the router in a central location for the desired coverage area as Linksys routers send out their signal in all directions. Having your router in a corner of your home or office will severely hinder the area of coverage.

Step 4

Activate the wireless security features of the router. Set an encryption key to block anonymous users from connecting to your network and taking up the bandwidth of your Linksys router's signal.