How to Get More Video Views on YouTube

By Laura Hageman

Getting more views for your videos on YouTube helps promote your work. Lots of people use YouTube to benefit their businesses by using it for promotional purposes. Other people use YouTube as a way to express themselves or teach other people what they know.There are several ways to increase the amount of views for your videos.

Step 1

Develop your page and your channel where people can view your videos. Your videos can be viewed even without a channel, but a channel will allow people to view your videos on a particular page without having to search for them.

Step 2

Click on the most popular video. Make a comment to the video in order to receive an answer. This will bring attention to your videos and your channel. In turn, this will bring more views to your videos.

Step 3

If you don't receive a response from a comment you made, continue to search for other popular videos to make comments. The object is to get people to respond to you and begin to look at your videos. When other people make comments to what you've said, this also brings attention to your site.

Step 4

Click on channels that belong to people with the most views on their videos. Make comments to most popular channels. Those with highly popular videos and those that have several popular videos will have a popular channel page. Make comments about their channel page and try to get connected with them regarding your videos. Ask them to view your channel page too.

Step 5

Notice how many views your videos will receive. If you want more views you will need to continue contacting other popular video makers in order to bring more attention to your work.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always be sure to make nice comments so that the people you comment to will be willing to view your videos.