How to Get Old Texts on a New Phone

When switching to a new phone, the idea of parting with old text messages from family and friends can prove difficult. These messages are stored within your phone's SIM card. This tiny data storage device can be switched between phones, taking old messages with it. While this is an easy task, not all phones are capable of having their SIM cards removed. Check with your cell phone service provider before switching out your SIM card to make sure that it does not void the warranty of your phone.

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Switching SIM cards makes changing phones much easier.


Turn off both phones. Take off the back cover of your old phone. Remove the SIM card. You may also need to remove the battery, depending on the model of phone.


Remove the back cover of the new phone. Remove the SIM card. Store it in a safe place in case you should need to replace it. Insert the old SIM card in its place.


Replace the back cover of the new phone. Turn the phone on. All your old data, including your text messages, should now be available on your new phone. If no data is displayed, then the SIM card is likely facing the wrong direction. Turn off the phone, remove the cover and flip the SIM card around.

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