How to Get on Facebook at School

By Techwalla Contributor

Most schools use a piece of software called a firewall to filter the internet and prevent people from accessing websites they don't want you on. This is what makes it so you can't get on facebook at school. Fortunately there are a few ways around this.

Things You'll Need

  • A private computer

Step 1

First you are going to need to find a computer where you won't get caught. Choose wisely, because you will likely get in trouble if certain people catch you.

Step 2

To get on facebook at school you will need to get around the firewall. The most effective way to do this is by using a proxy. Basically a proxy is a website that goes between you and facebook, so the schools firewall filter never notices you connecting to facebook, just the proxy.

Step 3

To find a proxy server just go to yahoo or google and search for "proxy". Some schools will have blocked you from even searching for this word. If that's the case search for "prox*" or "*roxy server". Don't forget the star.

Step 4

Now the search engine should have generated a list of links to proxy servers. Many of these will also be blocked, but systematically go through the list until you find one that works. If you want to get on facebook at school you may have to look through several pages at least.

Step 5

As you are looking for proxy servers never use any that require you to download anything or pay to use them. There are plenty that are free and virus-free.

Step 6

Once you find a proxy you like write down the web address for future reference.

Step 7

Once you get on the proxy website type: to get on facebook at school.