How to Get on Your Administrator Account If You Have Forgot Your Password

By Lyan Uaha

Windows Vista allows you to easily logon to your computer by using the password reset disk. For this, you should have previously created a password reset disk. The password reset disk allows you to create a new password that you can use for logging on to your computer in Windows Vista or XP.

Things You'll Need

  • Password reset disk

Step 1

Type your password on the Windows logon screen and then press “Enter.” If the password is incorrect, then you will get the password incorrect error message along with the “you can use your password reset disk” option.

Step 2

Click on the “Reset Password” option on Windows Vista. On Windows XP, click on the “Use your password reset disk” option. The password reset wizard will start.

Step 3

Click on the “Next” button on the password reset wizard welcome screen.

Step 4

Insert the password reset disk into the floppy drive of your computer and then click on “Next.” If you have multiple floppy drives then you will be asked to select the drive in which the password rest disk is present.

Step 5

“Type a new password” in the text box below and then retype the same password in the “Type the password again to confirm” text box.

Step 6

“Type a new password hint” in the text box below and then click on “Next.”

Step 7

Click on the “Finish” button. You will be taken back to the Windows XP logon screen. Type your new password to logon to your computer