How to Get Ooma Voicemail by Phone

By Katina Coleman

Ooma provides free home phone service anywhere in the U.S. with certain exceptions, such as 900 numbers. The Ooma service requires the purchase of an Ooma device, along with a high-speed Internet connection. In addition to using the Ooma device to retrieve your voicemails, you can also use your home phone, or any phone, to access your voicemail account.

Step 1

Set up voicemail on your account by picking up your phone and pressing the play button on your Ooma device. Listen to the voice prompts on your phone and choose a PIN number for voicemail remote access when asked.

Step 2

Dial your Ooma phone number.

Step 3

Push the "*" button on the phone to enter the voicemail menu.

Step 4

Enter your voicemail PIN number when prompted to do so. If you call from your home phone, you do not need to enter a PIN number.