How to Get Out of Recovery Mode on iPod Without iTunes

By Dustin Thornton

The Recovery Mode on the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone allows you to upgrade the firmware of the system or restore it to factory defaults. If you've accidentally placed your iPod into Recovery Mode, or if you've placed it in Recovery Mode and do not wish to restore the device or update the firmware, exit the mode by pressing the buttons on the device in a specific sequence, even if not connected to iTunes.

Step 1

Disconnect the iPod from the USB connection cable, if plugged in.

Step 2

Press the "Power/Hold" button and "Home" button at the same time. The "Power/Hold" button is on the top of the iPod Touch; the "Home" button is below the screen on the front of the iPod Touch.

Step 3

Hold both buttons down for approximately 15 seconds, until the screen turns black.

Step 4

Reboot the iPod by pressing the "Power/Hold" button on top of the device. The iPod boots into normal mode.