How to Get Out of the Header in MS Word

By Michael Rippetoe

Professional documents utilize headers and footers to create a cohesive design that runs through the entire document. With the invention of word-processing software for computers, the process of adding and creating headers on documents is much faster than with an old typewriter. Adding a header to a document with a typewriter could add as much as one hour or more to the total production time of the document. Programs such as Microsoft Word have cut this time down significantly. Moving between the header and body of the document is one of the aspects with which many people have difficulty.

Step 1

Move the mouse pointer over the "View" menu in word. This menu should drop down when hovered over.

Step 2

Click the "Header and Footer" selection in the menu. The header and footer will automatically open on the document, the body of the document will be grayed out and the cursor will appear in the header area of the document. At this point, text can be added to the header for the entire document.

Step 3

Double-click anywhere in the body of the document to return to the body of the document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Double-clicking in the header area of the document will also open the header and footer on the document.
  • Make sure to save documents regularly.