How to Get Paid For Referrals

By Techwalla Contributor

Some internet marketing gurus think that the only way to make money online is to work really hard marketing your links to an affiliate program or to write a lot of content and hope that readers click on your adsense links. there's a much easier way to make money online, though. You can get paid for referrals without any work at all.paid for referral,affiliate program,adsense,make money online

Things You'll Need

  • join a referral program (I've listed several in the resources for your convenience)
  • Email
  • a computer

Step 1

Sign up for all of the referral programs I have listed in the resource section. These are the ones I use and these are the ones that allow me to make passive income every day, whether I am sick or feeling well. I have six kids, so i didn't bother listing the ones I haven't made any money on. Otherwise the list would be forever long and you'd be wasting your time.

Step 2

Create a file on your desktop with all of your referral codes so that whenever you need one you don't have to return to the site, login and copy it again. Keeping it handy ensures that you will not forget to use it as often.

Step 3

Add the signup links into your email signatures, and your message forum signatures.

Step 4

If you have a blog, you should consider writing a blog post about each of these programs in order to share them with your readers. Even if your mother is your only reader, you'll still get paid if she signs up.

Step 5

If you write here at ehow, place your signup links in the resources section of every article you write.

Step 6

If you have a profile on myspace or facebook, linkedin or anywhere else online, make sure you use the referral code URL in your profile, so that your visitors and friends can help you make money by signing up for the referral program

Step 7

Consider sending out an email to everyone in your address book and letting them know about your referrals. A lot of people will sign up if they know that you're going to get credit for it. That's what friends do. Plus, if they decide to refer people it will help them, too. You could change lives with one email.

Step 8

Use Twitter to notify your followers about your earnings and get paid for more referrals. When I tweeted about my passive Bukisa earnings, I signed up a few more referrals. http;// try it. My twitter ID is http;// , so you can see how that works.

Step 9

Use the graphics that these websites provide for you, place them on your blog or other personal websites. You can create a blog for free on blogger, and on several other websites. The free version of Wordpress won't allow you to place ads, but other free services do allow it.

Step 10

Change your email signature regularly, so that your readers don't get tired of seeing the same old thing

Step 11

If you use a blog subscription program, consider placing a link to one of your referral programs in your footer so that every one of your email readers can have the opportunity to click on it, too.

Step 12

Share your link whenever you hear of someone who is in need of money. if you have a specific page on your website where all of your referral links are located, have that URL handy to share with people in the real world. The checker at the bank, your hairdresser, anyone. People who aren't online a lot have no idea what's available and you can totally change someone's life by introducing them to the wonderful world of online income. In fact, I wish I had met you three years ago. Darnit, you can't let this happen. Quit wasting your time and sign up. Spread the word. Share the news. A new day is upon us and it's up to YOU to... whatever, i lost my train of thought but I'm sure you knew where I was going with that, right? Right down to that resources section. Have a great day.

Tips & Warnings

  • Most of these programs pay you for more than just referrals, sometimes you can get paid to read emails, to write articles, to review products, to post videos and more. So be sure to explore each program so that you can make the most amount of money.