How to Get Past an Internet Filter

By Mickey Walburg

If you are encountering an Internet filter on your home, work or other Web connection, there are ways to get around it. Remember, though, that if you willfully bypass security or other internet filters that have been set up, you can be putting yourself at risk of getting caught. In many situations, this can lead to severe disciplinary action, and in a school or job setting, can lead to dismissal or losing your job. As long as you are willing to accept those types of potential consequences, then you can easily set up ways to get past an Internet filter.

Things You'll Need

  • Access to a proxy website
  • Internet-equipped cell phone
  • Access to a computer on a different network

Step 1

Try to use an online proxy to access the blocked sites. Examples of these types of proxy websites are and, both of which allow you to browse to websites without passing through the Internet filter on your network. Unfortunately, many online proxy websites are blocked by some Internet filters.

Step 2

Use your cellphone to create an Internet connection and bypass your filtered network. If you have a smartphone or other Web-equipped cell phone, you can connect it to your computer via a Bluetooth or USB connection and “tether” it to your computer. This process usually involves paying an extra monthly fee to your cell phone company. Details about how to perform this tethering process are available from your cell phone provider.

Step 3

Set up a Remote Desktop connection through your home or other computer that is not connected to the network. Doing this will require that you enable Remote Desktop connections on your home computer (right-click on "My Computer," click on the "Remote" tab and enable incoming connections). You can then open up the Remote Desktop client on the computer that is being filtered, connect to your second computer and browse the Web from that computer, bypassing the Internet filter.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't want to get in trouble for getting past an Internet filter, consider requesting that a specific site you want to access be removed from the filter's list. If there is a legitimate reason to do so, the person who administers the list may be willing to do it, which will allow you to avoid a lot of work and potentially negative consequences.