How to Get Rid of CD Scratches

By Techwalla Contributor

Scratches are common on CDs, DVDs, and game discs these days. While these scratches can be a big pain and sometimes even cause the disc to stop operating, they can be eliminated and the disc can be revived. Here is how to do it.

Step 1

Start by doing a gentle clean of the disc with liquid soap and warm water. Let the disc air-dry and then try playing it once again. If the disc still does not work, go to the next step.

Step 2

Identify where the major scratches are on the disc. The scratches that run from the center of the disc out towards the rim are usually not a problem, it is the scratches that run across the circle of the disc that cause the largest problems.

Step 3

Move on to polishing the disc. If the disc is valuable and the scratch is severe, I would suggest buying the product listed under "Resources" to make sure the scratch comes out. If the scratch is not as severe and the disc is not terribly valuable to you, try using toothpaste instead.

Step 4

Take a very soft rag (an eyeglasses rag is perfect) and begin to polish the disc. Move the rag in a motion from the center of the disc to the edge of the disc, not in a circular motion around the disc

Step 5

Spend about 5 minutes polishing the disc and then run the polishing liquid/toothpaste off of the disc using warm water. Allow the disc to air-dry once again

Step 6

Try to play the disc one final time. If it doesn't work this final time, I'm afraid that the disc is officially busted and can no longer be used.

Tips & Warnings

  • Only polish the disc if your disc is not operating at all. The disc polishing actually works corrodes the top layer of the disc, reducing the depth of the scratch. However, there is a risk of corroding too much of the disc and ruining the disc for good. But either way, you might end up with a busted disc and the polishing has a fairly high success rate

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