How to Get Rid of Game Center

By Todd Bowerman

Apple’s iPhone includes a number of applications that cannot be removed or deleted. Game Center is one such application; the app is built into the iOS operating system and is a permanent presence on all stock iPhones. While it’s not possible to remove Game Center, it is possible to limit its interference in your phone’s operation and to make its existence less intrusive.

Step 1

Tap and hold the “Game Center” icon. Drag it on top of another unwanted application to create a new folder. Place all of your junk apps in this folder to get them off of your iPhone home screen.

Step 2

Open the “Settings” app from your iPhone home screen. Select “Notification Center.” Touch “Game Center” and disable all notifications.

Step 3

Open Game Center and select “Me.” Choose “Account” and then select “View Account.” Turn off your public profile and then touch your email address. Select “Remove Email From Account.” Touch “Me,” then “Account,” and then “Sign Out” to exit Game Center. This process disables your Game Center account.

Step 4

Open a game that uses Game Center. When the Game Center prompt appears, tap “Cancel.” Repeat this step three times and a new option will appear; touch “Disable” on this new pop-up to get rid of Game Center prompts.