How to Get Rid of Google Ad Virus

By Thomas King

The Google Ad Virus, also referred to as Google Redirect Virus or gxvxcserv.sys, is a virus that redirects you to an advertisement when using the Google search engine. Often, the advertisements that you are redirected to are malicious websites that load additional malware onto your system. Thus, while the Google Ad Virus is annoying, it is also dangerous.

Step 1

Click \"Start,\" and then \"Run\" or \"Start Search\" (depending on your version of Windows).

Step 2

Type \"regedit\" (without the quotation marks) into the window and click \"OK.\"

Step 3

Click \"Edit,\" and then \"Find.\"

Step 4

Type in each of the following files one at a time. After each file appears, right-click on it and select \"Modify,\" and then \"Delete.\"


Step 5

Close the Registry Editor window.

Step 6

Click \"Start.\"

Step 7

Click \"Search.\"

Step 8

Search for and delete the following files:


Tips & Warnings

  • Consider downloading or purchasing antivirus software. Antivirus software will remove any malicious files you may have missed as well as prevent future viruses from compromising your computer.