How to Get Rid of Microsoft Internet Explorer Advertisements

By Andrew Smith

While using Internet Explorer to explore the Internet or access your email account, you may notice advertisements opening either on the page or in a new window. These advertisements can be an annoyance, as they can slow down your Internet and sometimes keep you from opening a Web page. Internet Explorer advertisements can be a sign of a faulty website or possibly a problem within your computer. However, you can get rid of any and all Microsoft Internet Explorer advertisements.

Step 1

Download the latest version of Internet Explorer on your computer. (Find a download link in Resources below.)

Step 2

Open Internet Explorer. Click "Tools" at the top of the program. Put your cursor over "Pop-up Blocker." Then, select "Pop-up Blocker Settings." A window will appear. Click the "Blocking Level" option at the bottom of the window. Select either "Medium" or "High." Medium will block practically all automatic pop-ups. Pop-up windows that you open on your own will still appear without any problems. If you choose "High," all pop-ups will be blocked and you will need to hold the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys on your keyboard at the same time to open any wanted pop-up windows. Click "Close" when you're done to save the settings.

Step 3

Download a pop-up advertisement blocker. These programs will prohibited advertisements from appearing in Internet Explorer windows. There are a variety of different programs to choose from. Read reviews and download the program of your choice by clicking on the "Pop-up Blockers" link in Resources below.

Step 4

Scan your computer for infections. Malware such as adware or viruses can create Internet Explorer advertisements to appear when you are browsing the Internet. Scan your computer with an anti-virus program and an anti-adware/spyware program. Click the "Security Software" link in Resources to find download links for these necessary programs.