How to Get Rid of PC Cleaner

By Kefa Olang

PC Cleaner is counterfeit anti-spyware software that forces its way onto your computer, where it launches automatically when you start your computer and runs scans. When the scans complete, PC Cleaner displays exaggerated reports claiming your computer is severely infected with malicious parasites such as spyware. PC Cleaner's agenda is to trick you into purchasing the full software version, which claims to remove the so-called detected threats. You can safely get rid of PC Cleaner.

Step 1

Disable the PC Cleaner process by pressing \"Ctrl,\" \"Alt\" and \"Delete\" simultaneously to launch the task manager. Then click the \"Processes\" tab, click \"PCCleaner.exe\" (PC Cleaner process) and click \"End Process.\" Close the task manager.

Step 2

Restart your computer. Press \"F8\" repeatedly for a few seconds before Windows resumes. You should see the Advanced Options/Boot Menu. Launch Windows Safe Mode by selecting \"Safe Mode\" from the menu using the arrow buttons and pressing \"Enter.\"

Step 3

Click the Windows \"Start\" menu and click \"Search\" to launch the search tool. Select \"All Files and Folders\" or the option to search all the computer files, depending on the operating system you are using. Select the \"C:\" drive as the location to search for files. Search for and delete the following files:PCCleaner.lnkPCCleaner.exe%ProgramFiles%\\PC-Cleaner\\com\\pcsd.dll%ProgramFiles%\\PC-Cleaner\\PC-Cleaner.db%ProgramFiles%\\PC-Cleaner\\PC-Cleaner.exe%UserProfile%\\Application Data\\PC-Cleaner\\log.dat%UserProfile%\\Application Data\\PC-Cleaner\\settings.dat%UserProfile%\\Desktop\\PC-Cleaner.lnk%UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Temp\\[RANDOM FILE NAME].tmp%ProgramFiles%\\PC-Cleaner\\pccleaner.pkg%ProgramFiles%\\PC-Cleaner\\\\PC-Cleaner\\Uninstall.exeC:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\PC-Cleaner\\Register PC-Cleaner.lnkC:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\PC-Cleaner\\Start PC-Cleaner.lnkC:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Start Menu\\Programs\\PC-Cleaner\\Uninstall PC-Cleaner.lnk%CurrentFolder%\\log

Step 4

Click the Windows \"Start\" menu and click \"Run\" or \"Start Search.\" Type \"regedit\" (without quotes) and press \"Enter.\" Launch the registry search tool by clicking the \"Edit\" menu located on the top and clicking \"Find.\" Search for and delete the following registry entries:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\PCCleanerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\PC-CleanerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Classes\\CLSID\\{82297D11-31C1-40B1-960A-BDF40B3B365F}HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\\Software\\PC-CleanerHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\AllFilesystemObjects\\shellex\\ContextMenuHandlers\\pcsdHKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\CLSID\\{82297D11-31C1-40B1-960A-BDF40B3B365F}HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\PC-CleanerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\PC-Cleaner