How to Get Rid of Pop-Ups Even Though a Pop-Up Blocker Is On

By James Highland

Pop-up windows often appear when surfing the web. They usually contain advertisements and can be a nuisance. Their proliferation has led many browser manufacturers to include "pop-up blockers" in their software so these windows are prevented from opening. However some websites have developed programming code that gets past these browser pop-up blockers, allowing the windows to appear anyway. Sometimes it is necessary to activate third-party software for controlling pop-up windows. These programs ensure that nearly all pop-ups are blocked to provide a better surfing experience.

Things You'll Need

  • Web browser with Internet connection

Step 1

Block pop-ups with the Zilla Free Popup Killer. This plug-in for Web browsing software is designed to immediately recognize a website that launches a pop-up window. The software controls the browser's ability to open the pop-up window so you are never bothered. Additionally, Zilla blocks banner advertisements which can distract you from the Web surfing experience. This program is activated in three different ways. It may be set to turn on whenever you launch your Web browser. Or it can be configured so it is turned on manually. A third option activates Zilla as soon as your computer is turned on.

Step 2

Add Ad Killer to your browser to block pop-up windows and control other annoyances of web browsing. This program is designed to protect you from malicious activity in addition to nuisances. It blocks pop-up windows as part of its feature set. Ad Killer also prevents you from visiting websites that are blacklisted as containing nothing but advertising content. These websites often have pop-up windows as well. Additionally, Ad Killer stops banner advertisements of many kinds from appearing on websites. If a particular site features pop-up or banners that you wish to see, you may "whitelist" the site in the Ad Killer settings so it is unaffected by the plug-in. This program is available for free for 30 days, after which you must purchase a license.

Step 3

Install AdsCleaner for better control of pop-up windows. This program is distributed as shareware, which requires a purchase after 30 days. AdsCleaner stops pop-up windows from launching from the websites you visit. It additionally removes banner advertisements and Flash ads from sites as well to improve the overall Web surfing experience. The plug-in may be customized so only particular types of advertisements are blocked. These settings are based on the ads' size and dimensions, so smaller ads may be displayed while larger ones are blocked, if desired.