How to Get Rid of Pop-Ups for Good

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Pop-ups are those annoying advertisements that flash onto your computer screen while you're working or using the Internet. Advertisers can access your computer through adware programs or by using spyware to gather information about you without your knowledge or consent. Adware enables advertisers to force you to look at marketing campaigns in the form of pop-ups. But you can keep these ads from pestering you while you're online.

Step 1

Change the way you access the Internet. Upgrade to a new web browser such as Firefox that has protections against pop-ups.

Step 2

Install antivirus software such as Avast on your computer. This prevents your machine from harmful computer viruses that can bring pop-ups with them.

Step 3

Put a different toolbar on your computer. Choose a toolbar with little or no spyware as this feature can make your pop-ups worse.

Tips & Warnings

  • Spyware is any software that gathers information about an Internet user without the user's knowledge. Marketers use this information to gain security clearances to personal accounts with the user's passwords. Add a toolbar from Google, Yahoo or Windows Live to avoid increased pop-ups due to spyware.
  • Avoid paying for a pop-up blocker. There is so much software available to help get rid of pop-ups for free that you don't need to pay for the service.
  • You can remove spyware and adware programs from your computer for free also. Apply Spybot Search and Destroy or Ad-Aware to your computer to easily get rid of these unwanted programs by using their step-by-step instructions.