How to Get Rid of Ringback Tones

By Jessica Edwards

A ringback tone is a customized ring that will play when someone places a call to your cell phone. Instead of the standard ring dial tone, the ring can be customized to play anything from a favorite song to a comedy skit. Once the call is connected or goes into voice mail, the ringback tone will stop. If you do not want this to happen, getting rid of ringback tones is not a difficult process.

Step 1

Log into your cell phone provider's website for access to your ringtones and settings. If you must register your account and phone number, do so now.

Step 2

Find the "Settings" page, which may also be called "Manage," and select the option for "Ringback Tones."

Step 3

Select the tone you wish to remove from the caller settings and save your selection.

Step 4

If you have a playlist activated on your phone, be sure to also remove the ringback tone from your playlist. This is a very common place to overlook.

Step 5

If these steps do not work, call the customer service number of your provider and ask a representative to remove it for you. Sometimes this is the only way to remove ringback tones, because they may be pre-set into your phone's configuration. Customer service phone numbers may be found on the website or on the top of your monthly bill.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some cell phone companies charge you for the ringback tone service. If you did not order the ringback tones, remove them as soon as possible.