How to Get Rid of Sponsored Links From Google

By Jack Busch

To raise revenue, Google displays sponsored links along with your search results that are loosely based on your search query. While these links are occasionally useful, some find the extra results add clutter to their Web browsing experience. You can cut down on the amount of sponsored links you see.

Step 1

Download and install Firefox. This free, open-source Web browser has expanded features that allow you to customize your Web browsing experience. Navigate to and click "Download." Unzip the archive and run the installation program.

Step 2

Open Firefox. Click "Tools," then select "Add-ons." In the search field, type "Adblock."

Step 3

Click on "Adblock Plus" and click "Add to Firefox..." You'll be prompted on whether you are sure you want to add this plug-in. Choose "Yes" each time.

Step 4

Restart your browser when prompted. When your browser restarts, you'll be prompted to subscribe to an Adblock subscription list. Choose the "EasyList" option and click "Subscribe."

Step 5

Browse without ads. You will no longer see Google-sponsored links or other bothersome advertisements.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also block individual ads by right clicking them and selecting "Adblock This."
  • Some websites do not function with Adblock activated. To deactivate Adblock, click "Tools" and "Add-ons," then click "Extensions." Under Adblock, click "Disable."